Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Future of the School Computer Classroom

What are the things that you could not live with out in your computer technology classroom? What are the technologies you use and how do you apply them? I love to hear what others are doing as we plan for our future and I educate myself on new gadgets, applications, and other technologies I could apply in my every changing job.

Things I use and love are Remote Desktop. I use the "share screen" mode to show students how to do projects. They can see what I am doing on my screen and can't mess around with their computers, plus it enables me to see what they are doing at all times!

I also love Quia. It is a great site for a teacher web page. It is very user friendly and my students love it. (My class page on Quia in the links).

What do you use? How do you use it? What could you not live without? SHARE!!!